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Quebec Phone Number 800-361-7620

DOT Website

PERMITS: Permits valid for seven days, Must have permit prior to entering the province.

Note: Quebec permits are printed in French, not English.

OPERATING TIME: One-half hour before sunrise to one~half hour after sunset, Monday through Thursday, and one-half hours before sunrise to 3:00pm on Friday.

RESTRICTED TRAVEL: Travel is not allowed during “peak hours” when over 12′ wide or over 90′ long, or over 13′ of rear overhang. Travel prohibited on Sundays and legal holidays.


Tractor Wheelbase: There is now an annual permit available for long wheelbase tractors coupled with decreasing trailer wheelbase similar to BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Tridem Drive Tractor: If the drive axle is a lift axle, it is not counted for the wheelbase measurement – measure from the steer to center of the two fixed drive axles.

Spread Axles: Spread axle combinations are recognized on 48′ trailers.

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  • 53′ semi-trailer
  • 75′ overall

Overhang: 6’6″ rear must be flagged


Height: 13’6″

Weight: Depends on axle spacings

  • Steer- 12,000
  • Single – 22,020
  • Tandem – 39,600
  • Tridem – 46,000

Length: 131′

Overhang: 13′ front or rear

Width: 16′

Height: 16′

Weight: Depends on axle configurations and routes



  • Over 90′ – 1 escort.
  • Over 130′ – 2 escorts.


  • Over 13′ rear overhang – 1 escort
  • Over 6’6″ front overhang – 1 front escort


  • Over 12’3″ – 1 escort on all highways
  • Over 14’4″ – 2 escorts
  • Over 17’5″ – police escort and special conditions may apply.

Height: Over 14’9″- 1 escort with height pole

Note: Some routes may impose additional escort requirements.

SIGNS, FLAGS & LIGHTS: Flags are required at the wide points at the front and rear corners, and at the rear extremities of overhangs. A red light should be attached at the extremity of a rear overhang. “D” signs front and rear are required when vehicle/load width exceeds 10′, or overall length exceeds 82′, or height exceeds 14′. (“Oversíze Load” signs are not allowed to substitute for the “D” signs). Signs must be removed or covered when not in use.  All vehicles traveling under permit must have headlights turned on, and must display an amber beacon light visible from all directions.

Important Notice:
The following is provided for informational purposes only. We do not procure or arrange permits on behalf of carriers or discuss permit and escort requirements for particular shipments. The following links provide general guidelines for oversize permits and escorts for heavy haul shipping by state/province. State regulations are subject to change; If you find inaccurate information, please let us know, and we will update the page accordingly.