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Measuring & preparing oversize load

When shipping a heavy load, it's essential to be accurate about the dimensions and weight of your goods. If you don't have an accurate estimate in place before approval is granted by transportation companies, then there could potentially be charges for overages or disruptions during shipment due to strict regulations on how much can go aboard each truck at a time.


Escort car services are a must for those who need help carrying heavy loads. They utilize flatbed trailers and pick-up trucks, SUVs, or cars driving in front of tractors-trailers hauling wide items that cannot legally go on their own due to weight restrictions imposed by law. The people behind these vehicles are trained professionals specializing only in escort duty, so they know exactly what to do when you call upon them!

Oversize load permits & regulations

The most challenging part about obtaining specialized permits for heavy haul transportation is that there can be different regulations in every state, municipality, or even city. Consequently, you'll need multiple licenses and certifications to legally carry out this type of task as opposed to lighter trucks where it's just required if your load weight exceeds 10 tons - which isn't always necessary depending on where they are going!

Transportation company

Partnering with the right transportation company is essential for your logistics needs. The key to success when shipping large loads like these, which can be highly complex and time-consuming due to their size alone - without proper planning, there's no guarantee that everything will go off smoothly!