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Oklahoma DOT Phone Number: (405) 522-8000

DOT Website

PERMITS: Oklahoma oversize permits are valid for three days. Must have permit prior to entering the state.

OPERATING TIME: One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset seven days a week. Overweight only can have continuous travel, but must be requested when ordering permit.

RESTRICTED TRAVEL: Oversize load movements are not allowed on the Interstate system through Cleveland, Oklahoma and Tulsa counties between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (does not apply to O/W only). No permit travel allowed on major holidays.

OKLAHOMA TURNPIKES: Loads up to 9’6″ wide are permitted without requiring a Pike Pass. Loads over 9’6″ wide up to 11’6″ wide (and up to 13’6″ wide on Cherokee Turnpike only) need a Pike Pass reference number for permitting.  Maximum weight for the turnpikes is 108,000 pounds. Weight is paid for on the state permit; the turnpike does not charge extra above the usual per axle charge.

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  • 59’6″ semitrailer and load is legal on Oklahoma’s “U.S. Defense Highway System” which includes all Interstate routes and many of the main U.S. Highways
  • 53′ semitrailer and load on other routes

Width: 8’6″ (8′ on any highway having a surface width of less than 20 feet)

Height: 13’6″


  • 80,000 Gross on Interstate
  • 90,000 on non-Interstate routes (with legal tandem and tridem weights)
  • Single – 20,000
  • Tandem – 34,000
  • Tridem – 42,000

Length: No set maximum

Width: 16′

Height: Depends on routes


  • Single – 20,000
  • Tandem – 40,000 (with at least 4’3″ axle spacing) or 39,000 (less than 4’3″ spacing)
  • Tridem – 60,000 (57,000 with 4’2″ axle spacings)
  • Quad – 65,000
  • Steer Axle – 15,000 (With minimum spacing of 15′ steer to first drive axle). Requests for more than 15,000 pounds on steer axle have to go to bridge engineering for approval, taking an extra day or two.

For an overweight permit, your registration must be prorated for 90,000 for Oklahoma, or for at least the amount of gross weight you need permitted if less than 90,000 pounds.  According to the Oklahoma Permit Manual, an approved scale weight ticket or a certification of gross weight from the shipper should be attached to an overweight permit.  Loads exceeding these dimensions will take extra time for approval.



  • Over 80′ on 2-lane highways – 1 escort
  • Over 100′ on 2-lane highways – 2 escorts


  • Over 12′ on all highways – 1 escort
  • Over 14′ on two-lane highways or over 16′ on multi-lane highways – 2 escorts

Height: Over 15’8″ – 2 escorts on all highways; and “All public utilities and railroads along the route must be contacted in advance of the move by the permittee.”

MISCELLANEOUS: Dozers with blades that exceed 12 feet in width shall not be permitted to travel more than 50 miles from the base of operation. When exceeding the 50-mile limit, the blade is to be removed. Agricultural equipment is no longer exempt from needing permits in Oklahoma.

SIGNS, FLAGS & LIGHTS: “Oversize Load” signs are required on front of tractor and rear of load or trailer (whichever extends the farthest) on all oversized loads moving under permit. They are also required on two-lane highways when the load exceeds 59-1/2 feet in length. Flags are required at the widest point of any oversize load. Rear overhang of 4 feet or more must be flagged.

Important Notice:
The following is provided for informational purposes only. We do not procure or arrange permits on behalf of carriers or discuss permit and escort requirements for particular shipments. The following links provide general guidelines for oversize permits and escorts for heavy haul shipping by state/province. State regulations are subject to change; If you find inaccurate information, please let us know, and we will update the page accordingly.