State Oversize Permits & Escorts Information

British Columbia

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British Columbia Phone Number 800-559-9688

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PERMITS: Permits valid for one trip only, duration depending on length of trip.

OPERATING TIME: Travel is permitted 24/7 when under the following dimensions: 10’6″ wide, 14’6″ high, and 82’ long. Otherwise, daylight hours only, no Sunday travel, and no travel during the summer (last Friday in June until second Monday in September) after 2:00 pm on Friday and Saturday until 4:00 am the next day.


Tractor Wheelbase: Tractor wheelbase, measured from center of steer axle to center of drive axles, cann0t exceed 244 inches on a legal load without a Long Wheelbase 30 day Permit (see table). This permit only applies for legal leads. British Columbia does not have any exceptions to the 244 inch wheelbase rule for oversize or overweight loads, except when the overall length (tractor and trailer) does not exceed 65’4″.

Tridem Drive Tractor: In the past, British Columbia has allowed tridem drive tractor to have up to a 267″ wheelbase, if they do not have any lift axles and the axles are equally spaced, but that exemption is no longer in effect.

Spread Axles: A spread axle group (over 6′ spacing) is not allowed to carry more than about 20,000 pounds total (10,000 pounds per axle). However, the POE will sell you an overweight permit for extra weight on the spread if your load is a single piece and non-reducible. Tractor wheelbase still cannot exceed 244″.

Lift Axles: British Columbia does not recognize lift axles (they are not legal). Flip axles can be used if they lock into place, are equally spaced with other axles in the group, and if overall length does not exceed 75’4″.

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  • 53′ semitrailer (lift axle must be up)
  • 75’4″ Overall

Overhang: Center of’ rear axle group to end of must not exceed 35% of trailer wheelbase (measured as kingpin to center of rear axle group) or else it will need to be permitted.

Note: If you have a long wheelbase tractor no over dimension can be permitted. Up to overall length including rear overhang is legal.

Width: 3’6″

Height: 137″


  • Steer – 13,000
  • Single – 20,000
  • Tandem 36,300
  • Tridem – 52,800

Length; 101′

Width: 14’6″

Height: 15’6″


  • Single – 29,700
  • Tandem – 50,600
  • Tridem 63,800

Note: These maximums may vary by Specific route needed.


Length: Over 90′- l escort

Overhang: Over 21′ rear overhang – l escort


  • Over 10’6″ – l escort (beacon light may be substituted for escort on most highways, but not on Highway 97 to Yukon Territory, or on highway 77 north and south bound).
  • Ovcr 11’5″ – 1 escort
  • over 12’5″ – 2 escorts

Height: Not usually required

Note: Some routes may impose additional escort requirements

SIGNS FLAGS 81 LIGHTS: Flag all four corners and/or any front and rear projections of any oversized vehicle/load (light at night). Over 10’6″ wide also requires “Oversize Load” signs front and rear, or “D” warning signs or “Wide Load” signs can be used. When load/vehicle is over 10’6″ wide, a flashing beacon light must be mounted on the tractor cab, visible from all directions. If not visible from the rear, a second beacon should be mounted to the rear.

SEASONAL LOAD RESTRICTIONS: Spring thaw weight restrictions are highway and weather-dependent. Main highways arc usually restricted to legal weights only. Some highways may limit weight as much as 50% or 75%.

Important Notice:
The following is provided for informational purposes only. We do not procure or arrange permits on behalf of carriers or discuss permit and escort requirements for particular shipments. The following links provide general guidelines for oversize permits and escorts for heavy haul shipping by state/province. State regulations are subject to change; If you find inaccurate information, please let us know, and we will update the page accordingly.